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Historical Enjin price chart and current Enjin price.

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What is Enjin?

In the gaming industry, it is common for players to be able to buy things from each other, thereby improving their character in the game. Examples of these types of games are Runescape or World of Warcraft. However, the items can often only be used in one game and it is not possible to take the items with you or exchange them for possessions that are helpful in another game. With its platform, Enjin wants to ensure the connection between the various platforms. This is achieved by making it possible for gamers to token their possessions in games. This allows gamers to easily exchange their possessions with each other, making it possible to exchange your belongings from one game to possessions in another. In addition, it is also possible to have possessions in games paid out in Enjin coins which can ultimately be converted to fiat money. All transactions are clearly recorded on the blockchain so that they are clear to everyone.

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