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The VeChain wallet is used to purchase proeduct hosted on their comprehensive governance structure.
With Bitvavo you have a mobile online VeChain wallet
The VeChain price went down when it was launced on the mainnet. This was due to a 1:100 ratio compared to their ERC20 token.
Due to the fact that VeChain uses an global enterprise level public blockchain platform people buy VET

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What is VeChain?

What Is VeChain?

Vechain wants to create the supply chain of the future by adding programmed chips to products. These chips consist of an NFD tag, QR codes or RFID chips. The supply chain is expanded by supplying each product with a chip that is attached to the packaging of the product.

The chip keeps track of data about the product and sends this data to a blockchain network to which the chip is connected. Because the product is provided with a chip that sends data to a blockchain network, the product can be followed from start to finish by both the manufacturer and the consumer.

Through this application, the final seller of the product can confirm the authenticity and quality of the product. This entire process provides more security, safety and guarantee in the supply chain itself.

How can I buy VeChain?

How Can I Buy VeChain?

If you want to buy VeChain, you can do so on Bitvavo. You simply create an account by providing your name and bank details. Choose your preferred payment method, such as iDEAL, for example, and you can buy VeChain directly on our platform.

What are the recent developments at Vechain? Vechain is partnered with the Chinese government, BMW and Oxford. VeChain or VEN switched to VET on June 30, 2018, from an Ethereum based blockchain they switched to their own mainnet VeChainTor.

After you have logged in to Bitvavo, you can exchange your Euro for VeChain. You can easily buy or sell VeChain on your portfolio. You can also trade VeChain for other cryptocurrencies.

VeChain wallet

VeChain Wallet

Through a PC or smartphone you can easily open your VeChain wallet on Bitvavo. In your portfolio you can view the rate and buy or sell VeChain.

You can choose to secure your wallet with SMS or two factor authentication. Bitvavo recommends using two factor authentication for extra security. Your VeChain wallet is also protected with device management at Bitvavo. This means that as soon as an unknown device attempts to log into your account hosting your VeChain wallet, you will be notified in your email inbox and you must first confirm the device.

Finally, your VeChain credits are partly stored in so-called cold wallets. These are VeChain wallets that are not connected to the internet and are therefore be very difficult to hack.

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