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Buy Ripple. You do not need your own wallet.

Ripple XRP has a decentralized structure. You can store the coin in your Ripple wallet.
With Bitvavo you have a mobile online Ripple wallet
The Ripple price increase may be affected due to the fact XRP is developed by a company that wants to collaborate with the financial world instead of battling it.
XRP can currently handle 1500 transactions an hour. Therefore, once you buy Ripple you will receive it within seconds.

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What is Ripple?

What Is Ripple?

Ripple is an international value carrier that can be used to send both conventional currencies as cryptocurrencies. These can be sent at immense speeds from one part of the world to the other.

Ripple is a technology with which you can send money, anywhere in the world. The underlying technology can send both digital coins such as Ripple itself, but also Euros and Dollars.

The thing that sets Ripple apart from other cryptocurrencies is that it is developed and managed by a for-profit company that wants to work together with financial institutions in order to together improve our financial systems.

How can I buy Ripple?

How Can I Buy Ripple?

You can buy Ripple here, at Bitvavo. In order to do so, you need to first create an account at our platform. Using this account, you can transfer funds with your favorite payment methods and subsequently buy Ripple.

When you log into our platform, you will see a list of all cryptocurrencies that you can buy. You can then select Ripple and buy it right away. Transactions are processed instantly and there is no waiting time.

Once you have bought Ripple, you can securely leave it in your Bitvavo account or you can transfer it to your personal Ripple wallet. Also, you can later trade your Ripple again on our platform for Euro or other cryptocurrencies.

Ripple wallet

Ripple Wallet

At Bitvavo, you automatically get a Ripple wallet. It is part of your account at Bitvavo and is generated when you open your account with us. There is thus no need to manually create it.

You can use your Ripple wallet to send Ripples to and from other wallets. This way, you can pay with it and/or trade with it. In order to send Ripple to your wallet, you can use the Ripple wallet address that you find in your account.

You can also decide to just leave everything in the wallets on your Bitvavo account. You can then trade with it on the Bitvavo platform or just keep it stored securely in your account.

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