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The IOTA wallet is mainly used for M2M transactions on an IoT network.
With Bitvavo you have a mobile online IOTA wallet
The IOTA price had a rough start during 2018's summer due to a parasite chain.
The use of a DAG instead of a blockchain conviced a lot of people to buy IOTA

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What is IOTA?

What Is IOTA?

IOTA has created a special infrastructure for the internet of things (IOT). More and more devices are connected to the internet each day. Many predictions indicate that the number of connected devices will rise explosively.

These devices will communicate with each other and send transactions to each other. These transactions will be very small microtransactions. IOTA strives to be the public backbone of the internet for machine-to-machine interaction and payments. To achieve this goal, IOTA works with a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) instead of a blockchain. This enables IOTA to send transactions which are completely free of charge.

How can I buy IOTA?

How Can I Buy IOTA?

There are several methods to buy IOTA. One of these is to buy IOTA on an exchange such as Bitvavo. At Bitvavo you can easily create an account, then by depositing euros on your account you can easily buy IOTA by clicking "buy" on your Bitvavo account at IOTA. After clicking this button you only have to select how much IOTA you want to purchase, after confirming you will directly receive your IOTA.

If after purchasing your IOTA, you prefer to store the IOTA yourself by using a cold wallet, then you can easily send your IOTA from your Bitvavo wallet to an external wallet by using the withdrawal option.

IOTA wallet

IOTA Wallet

The currency used by IOTA is called MIOTA. You can create a wallet at Bitvavo that also supports the storage of (M)IOTA. To create a wallet at Bitvavo, you only need to create an account on our website. Once you have created an account, you can easily store several cryptocurrencies on your account.

You can find the address of your IOTA wallet by logging in to our website and then by clicking on "deposit" displayed at the IOTA currency. The code that is shown is the public address of your IOTA wallet. If you want to send IOTA to your Bitvavo IOTA wallet you will need to send IOTA to this public address.

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