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Buy digital currency in 3 simple steps

Buy digital currency in 3 simple steps

Buy the currency of the future within minutes.


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Create an account with a corresponding wallet in which you can securely manage your digital currencies. Every customer is welcome to us. We aim to make digital currency accessible to everyone. You pay no fixed costs, registration is free.


Transfer amounts

Transfer an amount for the purchase of digital currency. This is easy thanks to the payment methods we support. For your protection we offer a modern security system and a professional team.


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Buy the currency of the future. At Bitvavo you can buy and sell digital currency directly from your Bitvavo panel without any technical hassle. Transactions are instantly processed by Bitvavo.


Trusted payment methods

At Bitvavo you can directly purchase digital currency with the payment methods you trust. No waiting times, you can start immediately. Bitvavo does not use minimum amounts. Moreover, Bitvavo is a Dutch digital currency provider with a bank account in the Netherlands, which means that IBAN transfers are processed faster. For transfers you do not have to pay anything to Bitvavo.



The bulk of the digital currency you purchase is managed in so-called ”Cold Wallets”. These are wallets on devices which are not connected to the internet and as a result, they can not be hacked. In addition, Bitvavo gives you the opportunity to protect your account in an excellent way by means of two-factor authentication, security notifications and email confirmations for important transactions.



With Bitvavo, you do not have to create a wallet for the digital currency you buy and sell, so you can have all the digital currencies supported by Bitvavo without any technical obstacles. Bitvavo is available for your mobile device, accessible from any location and you can easily deposit and withdraw digital currency.

Buy digital currency

Buy digital currency with ease on the platform of Bitvavo.

Want to buy digital currency without technical hassle? Bitvavo makes cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Registration is easy and within minutes you own the currency of the future. You can access your own digital currency from anywhere you like thanks to our advanced platform. We do not use minimum amounts and joining Bitvavo is possible for everyone. At Bitvavo you can take advantage of rapidly growing technologies and buy and sell multiple digital currencies. Our mission is to offer digital currency in a secure, simple and accessible manner. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our team consists of people with a passion for digital currency, and we are always willing to help you.

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