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Payer avec iDEAL
Aucun portefeuille requis
Choisissez parmi 37 cryptomonnaies
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Acheter Verge en trois étapes

1. Inscrivez-vous

Inscrivez-vous gratuitement afin d'acheter et de vendre des Verge.

2. Montants du virement

Transférer un montant pour l'achat de Verge.

3. Commencez

Acheter Verge. Vous n'avez pas besoin de votre propre wallet.

Le Verge wallet met très fortement l'accent sur la vie privée, qu'il permet via l'usage de multiples réseaux centrés sur l'anonymat.
Avec Bitvavo, vous avez un wallet Verge en ligne mobile
Étant donné que les gens donnent plus d'importance à la vie privée, le Verge cours pourrait augmenter.
Les personnes qui achètent Verge ont la possibilité de transférer des marchandises en toute confidentialité.

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Qu'est-ce que Verge ?

Qu'est-ce que Verge ?

Verge or XVG is a cryptocurrency that was founded in 2014 and has since then made its entry into the top 100 most famous crypto. Unique about the Verge is that the network allows users to switch between private and public ledger. With the so-called Wraight protocol, it is made impossible for strangers to view the balance and transaction of your wallets.

Verge, like Bitcoin, focuses on decentralization, speed and security. Especially the last point is the primary task of Verge. Verge can be mined using hardware and in this way the network can also be supported.

Verge also promises to achieve a maximum speed of 2,000 transactions per second in the near future. Verge is comparable to PIVX and monero only has a faster transaction time.

Comment acheter des Verge ?

Comment acheter des Verge ?

You can easily buy Verge after you have created an account on Bitvavo. By choosing the desired payment method you have the option to store Verge in a Bitvavo wallet.

At Bitvavo you do not have to create an external wallet first. Compared to other exchanges Bitvavo furthermore allows you to exchange crypto coins with the euro right away. After you have purchased your Verge currency, you can use our online wallets to store your currency there. They are partly managed by us in cold wallets for optimum safety.

When you have created an account on Bitvavo, you can easily find Verge's price and you can trade as desired. You can choose to buy or sell or to send your Verge to an external wallet.

Verge wallet

Verge wallet

You can easily purchase your Verge with iDEAL or bank transfer. We automatically create a Verge wallet for you so that your cryptocurrency can be stored securely.

With “Verge wallet” we mean a digital wallet to which you can send and in which you can store cryptocurrency. We arrange everything concerning your Verge wallet so that you always have access to your wallet through your smartphone or PC.

If it is the case that you already have Verge coins stored on an external wallet, that is no problem at all. You can easily send it to your Bitvavo account and, if you wish, trade it.

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