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Buy Stellar in 3 simple steps

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What is Stellar?


Technical description

Stellar (in full: Stellar Lumens) is an open source protocol for the exchange of value carriers based on a blockchain technology that attempts to cooperate with governments and institutions.


In other words...

Stellar is comparable to Ripple in the sense that the technology is not as decentralized as for example Bitcoin. However, it is open source, unlike Ripple.

When and why was Stellar developed?



Stellar started 2014 from a non-profit organization called the ”Stellar Development Foundation”. The token that can be traded is called the Stellar Lumens (abbreviation: XLM).


Based on Ripple

When it was launched, Stellar used the Ripple protocol. However, Stellar was split from this (”forked”) when the Stellar team decided that the protocol was not good enough.


Fully rewritten

In April 2015, the entire code of the Stellar algorithm was rewritten. This renewed network went live in November of the same year.

What are the features of Stellar?



Stellar is a hybrid blockchain technology that combines both public and private elements. As a result, anonymity remains guaranteed to a certain extent.


Developing countries

Stellar has a focus on the third world where it tries to be an addition in a world without a reliable existing economic infrastructure.


Different validation algorithm

Bitcoin uses ”Proof of Work” and other coins also use ”Proof of Stake”. Stellar uses a completely different algorithm that they have based on Ripple's algorithm.


Reduced computing power

Stellar's validation algorithm requires less computational power than other blockchain technologies. This means less energy is needed and transactions can be confirmed faster.

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