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About Ripple

What is Ripple?

Ripple is an international value carrier that can be used to send both conventional currencies as cryptocurrencies. These can be sent at immense speeds from one part of the world to the other.

Ripple is a technology with which you can send money, anywhere in the world. The underlying technology can send both digital coins such as Ripple itself, but also Euros and Dollars.

When and why was Ripple developed?

Unlike other blockchain implementations, Ripple does not try to replace the current financial markets. Instead, it attempts to use the blockhain technology to improve the efficiencies of the existing financial industry. Ripple is one of the older blockchain technologies. It was developed when it became clear that Bitcoin was going to have troubles with its practical usability in the future, due to the slow transaction speeds and growing transaction costs. Unlike other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, Ripple is managed by a company. Ripple has taken a centralized approach to make it interesting for banks and other conventional institutions.

What are the features of Ripple?

Ripple can send both cryptocurrencies and conventional currencies globally in a matter of seconds. With this, Ripple Labs wants to replace the expensive and slow SWIFT system. The centralized nature of Ripple makes legal integration easier. Experts say that this gives more opportunity for governments to adopt it. Ripple is so-called "pre-mined", which means that all coins are made by the company Ripple Labs. The company holds another 50 billion Ripples in the hope that it will rise in value. Some experts say that the technology on which Ripple is based is interesting for banks, but the currency itself not necessarily. This may mean that banks will use other currencies than Ripple on Ripples system.

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