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About Qtum

What is Qtum?

Qtum is a blockchain technology and digital currency with which smart contracts can be drawn up. It uses a Proof of Stake algorithm to determine transactions.

Qtum is comparable to Ethereum and NEO, and can also be used for making mutual agreements for which no external party is needed for enforcement.

When and why was Qtum developed?

Qtum started in 2016 and is thus comparatively new. It is being developed by a team in Singapore. The mission of Qtum is to bring together the best of all blockchain technologies in order to create a platform that can actually be applied on a large scale. Qtum uses elements from Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others, to put together a combined package that, in the eyes of the development team, is an ideal mix.

What are the features of Qtum?

Qtum focuses on facilitating smart contracts. This function ensures that you no longer need an external party to enforce contracts. The development team at Qtum hopes to build a library of smart contracts that anyone can use without having to make adjustments. Qtum tries to stimulate the mobile implementation of the technology. The team hopes that the coin will be widespread on mobile phones. The development of Qtum is kept as transparent as possible and is updated frequently. With this, the development team hopes that trust is generated for investors.

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