New Partnership: Bitvavo x Mercury Redstone

Bitvavo1 jun 2022

This partnership will allow Bitvavo users to engage in index investing and dollar cost averaging without manually maintaining a portfolio or actively rebalancing or trading. Many investors who are not interested in actively trading or buying specific coins can now passively participate in the crypto market. This partnership is another step in making crypto assets available to a wide variety of investors by enabling and automating more investment strategies from the safety of your own Bitvavo account.

New Partnership: Bitvavo x Mercury Redstone

Mercury Redstone

Mercury Redstone is an Amsterdam based digital asset management firm that specializes in index investing. At Mercury Redstone you do not invest in one, but in several cryptos. You spread your investment and diversify your holding, thus reducing the overall risk of your portfolio. Working with Mercury Redstone has the following advantages:

Completely automated

Once you sign up to Mercury Redstone and connect your Bitvavo account, Mercury Redstone does the rest for you. From diversifying your investments to dollar cost averaging and rebalancing your portfolio on a monthly basis, Mercury Redstone aims to keep it as simple as possible for you.

Start with 2,500 euro

Many investment funds will set a minimum investment threshold that you have to cross to be eligible to invest, and that threshold can be as high as 100,000 euro. At Mercury Redstone you can participate from 2,500 euro, making it accessible to a much wider range of investors - big and small.

You keep control

Mercury Redstone can connect to your Bitvavo account, but they do not hold assets for you, as those stay on the Bitvavo platform. You can also enable or disable the trading 24/7 and terminate your relationship with Mercury Redstone with a day’s notice. Because you still hold the crypto yourself, you can participate in staking at Bitvavo while your assets are managed by Mercury Redstone.

If you already have a Bitvavo account, you can sign up to Mercury Redstone today by following the steps outlined here (in Dutch). Use promo code 'Bitvavo' on sign-up to get a 25 euro credit applied towards the subscription cost after 3 months of membership.