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Buy NEM in 3 simple steps

Buy NEM in 3 simple steps

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What is NEM?


Technical description

NEM stands for New Economy Movement and is a community-oriented blockchain technology. The most unique feature of NEM is the block time of one minute.


In other words...

NEM is the technology on which the digital currency called ”XEM” is traded. It is open source and can achieve high speeds compared to older digital currencies.

When and why was NEM developed?


Start-up period

The first version of NEM was released in 2014. However, it took another year before a stable version of the digital currency was released.


Forked from NXT

NEM is a so-called ”fork” of an older blockchain technology called NXT. That means it has been split off from it. Compared with this predecessor, it has now been completely renewed.



NEM was developed as an improvement on the slow speeds of older digital currencies. Due to a different arrangement of the technology, coins can be shipped much faster.

What are the features of NEM?


Proof of Importance

To determine in a decentralized way how many coins everyone has, NEM uses a ”Proof of Importance” principle. This requires less processing power and energy than other coins.



The Proof of Importance principle provides increased security against manipulation of the network by people who own a lot of coins, something that is a risk for some other technologies.


Easy programming

NEM tries to make it as easy as possible for developers to use the technology. With this, the founders hope to ensure that the currency is widespread implemented.


Public and private

NEM offers the possibility to set up a blockchain privately, so that not everyone can join. This blockchain can then also be connected to the public NEM blockchain.


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Want to buy NEM without technical hassle? Bitvavo makes cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Registration is easy and within minutes you own the currency of the future. You can access your own digital currency from anywhere you like thanks to our advanced platform. We do not use minimum amounts and joining Bitvavo is possible for everyone. At Bitvavo you can take advantage of rapidly growing technologies and buy and sell multiple digital currencies. Our mission is to offer digital currency in a secure, simple and accessible manner. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our team consists of people with a passion for digital currency, and we are always willing to help you.

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