An overview of the fees we charge and the prices of the digital currencies we offer.


Trade with ease and a clear cost structure

At Bitvavo you pay no fixed costs, registration is free.

Sign up for free

At Bitvavo you can create an account for free. You pay no fixed costs. You do not pay any fees to transfer funds (via iDeal or bank transfer) for the purchase of digital currency. In your Bitvavo Panel you can see which amounts have been received by the Bitvavo Payments Foundation.

Sell digital currency

If you have sold digital currencies, the amounts will be transferred to the Bitvavo Payments Foundation. The Bitvavo Payments Foundation then transfers the amounts to your bank account, unless you have instructed to use the funds for the purchase of other digital currencies. In that case, that amount is transferred by the Bitvavo Payments Foundation to Bitvavo for the purchase of the cryptocurrencies.

Buy digital currency

Our mission is to make digital currency accessible to everyone. That is why we do not apply minimum amounts for the depositing or trading of digital currencies. We charge the same fees for both large and small purchases. The withdrawal fees differ per currency.

Trading fees

Currencies Price Trade fee
BTC Bitcoin 2,5% 1,5%
BCC Bitcoin Cash 2,5%
ADA Cardano 2,5%
DASH Dash 2,5%
ETH Ethereum 2,5%
EOS EOS 2,5%
LTC Litecoin 2,5%
XMR Monero 2,5%
XEM NEM 2,5%
NEO NEO 2,5%
QTUM Qtum 2,5%
TRX Tron 2,5%
XRP Ripple 2,5%
XLM Stellar 2,5%
XVG Verge 2,5%
ZEC ZCash 2,5%


Deposit & withdrawal fees

Currencies Deposit fees Withdrawal fees
BTC Bitcoin 0 BTC -
BCC Bitcoin Cash 0 BCC -
ADA Cardano 0 ADA -
DASH Dash 0 DASH -
ETH Ethereum 0 ETH -
LTC Litecoin 0 LTC -
XMR Monero 0 XMR -
QTUM Qtum 0 QTUM -
TRX Tron 0 TRX -
XRP Ripple 0 XRP -
XLM Stellar 0 XLM -
XVG Verge 0 XVG -
ZEC ZCash 0 ZEC -


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