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The goal of the Reddcoin wallet is make crypto accessible to anyone by integrating it with social media networks.
With Bitvavo you have a mobile online ReddCoin wallet
By diving an euro amount by the ReddCoin price people can easiliy pay each other through social networks.
Users who buy Reddcoin dream of a world where a decentralized payment option is included in every social media platform.

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What is ReddCoin?

What Is ReddCoin?

ReddCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that makes it easy for everyone to receive and send money through social media platforms. With Reddcoin it is possible to reward your favorite content creator with a small sum of money within just a single click.

The chrome extension from ReddCoin makes it very easy to reward your favorite content creator on social media platforms with a certain number of Reddcoins. A Reddcoin transaction does not contain any transaction costs. Therefore, it is possible to send microtransactions of just a few cents.

How can I buy ReddCoin?

How Can I Buy ReddCoin?

You can buy Reddcoin by creating an account with Bitvavo. Bitvavo offers many different cryptocurrencies including Reddcoin. Once you have created an account, you can easily use your preferred payment method, such as Ideal, to deposit money into your account. With the deposited amount you can purchase many different cryptocurrencies, including Reddcoin.

It is also possible to send Reddcoins to your Bitvavo wallet. You do this by logging in to Bitvavo. Then on your Bitvavo account at ReddCoin click on "Deposit". If you send ReddCoins from an external wallet to this address, you will receive the ReddCoins in your Bitvavo wallet. Since Reddcoin does contain any transaction costs, sending your Reddcoins to your Bitvavo wallet will be completely free of charge.

ReddCoin wallet

ReddCoin Wallet

You can use Bitvavo to have a Reddcoin wallet. If you create an account at Bitvavo, a Reddcoin wallet will automatically be generated for you. The Reddcoin wallet can be used to easily send and receive reddcoins.

Because you have the Reddcoin wallet you can easily start trading in Reddcoins. You can also use your Reddcoin wallet where it was originally created for; namely rewarding content creators on social media platforms. You can do this by downloading the reddcoin chrome extension from the official Reddcoin website.

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